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PGN to Allocate $500 Million for Investment in 2019

Written By pipeline-engineer.com on Sunday, April 28, 2019 | 7:05:00 AM

PGN to Allocate $500 Million for Investment in 2019

Indonesia State-owned gas subholding company PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) member of PT. PERTAMINA (Persero) is set to disburse US$500 million for investment this year to develop 700 kilometers of gas pipelines. PGN president director Gigih Prakoso also said three gas transmission projects  the Duri-Dumai, Gresik-Semarang and Grissik-Pusri pipelines – were ready to be operated.
"Currently, we have a total of 9,500 km of gas pipelines and this year we are likely to have an additional 700 km," he said on Thursday.

"We have allocated $500 million for investment this year and it is 10 percent higher than last year's realization."
Pertagas, which was previously owned by state energy holding company Pertamina, was integrated into PGN late last year to pave the way for PGN to become a state-owned subholding company. next-->

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Grissik-PUSRI Open Access Transmission Pipeline Finally in Operation

Grissik-PUSRI Open Access Transmission Pipeline Finally in Operation.

      Operator opening the valve to start flowing the gas from grissik to pusri

The Grissik-PUSRI pipeline project was US$ 143 million value. Finnally In Operation After the project's inauguration, the amount of distributed gas will increase from 70 MMSCFD in 2018 to 160 MMSCFD

Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan has inaugurated the Grissik-PUSRI transmission open access transmission pipeline and Gas Network projects in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Mr Jonan said these two projects would increase the added value of gas products in Indonesia. "Natural gas is prioritised for domestic [use] to increase the domestic added value," said Mr Jonan in an official statement, Sunday (31/3).
Mr Jonan added that the two gas projects will support industrial needs such as fertiliser producers and power plants. "It will also support power plants in South Sumatra and local economic areas," he said.next-->

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High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

      HIPPS are considered an important layer of protection requiring the highest levels of Safety Integrity. HIPPS applications provide protection against over-pressure scenarios and are an ideal solution for asset protection where traditional pressure relief systems, such as relief valves and bursting discs, are impractical and environmental constraints are prohibitive. HIPPS are primarily used when fault conditions or events are identified that could lead to the installation exceeding the original design parameters. The drivers for HIPPS applications can be safety, environmental or economic where they can be an enabling technology that contributes towards bringing viability to a marginal development. HIPPS for surface, subsea and pipeline protection in both onshore and offshore applications.

Technically HIPPS defined to
 • Functional Safety Lifecycle Support
 • HIPPS Dossier development
 • Diverse Logic Solvers Technologies - Solid      State or PES
 • Axial, ball and gate valves with pneumatic and hydraulic actuation
 • Valve control panel with accumulator and HPU as options
 • Pressure transmitters with interlocking manifolds or DB&B Complete

 Benefits of HIPPS

• All modules certified, up to SIL4 according to IEC 61508
• There is scalable redundancy to increase process availability
 • Integrated diagnostics offering fast and explicit location of faults and simple replacement of faulty modules without interrupting system operation
 • Remote Diagnostics via communication module
 • Diverse technology from other protection layers
 • Availability of >99.99%. Next-->

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Pertamina to Take Over Rokan Block Operation

Pertamina to Take Over Rokan Block Operation

The Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry has decided to hand over the operation of the Rokan Oil and Gas Block to state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina, Deputy Minister of ESDM Arcandra Tahar said. The decision was taken merely on business and economic interest after evaluating Pertamina`s proposal, Arcandra said here on Tuesday. Pertamina will operate the Rokan Block in Riau, after its contract held by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia expires in 2021. Pertamina has proposed a signature bonus of US$784 million or around Rp11.3 trillion for the government and a commitment value of US$500 million. The value of the proposal also indicates the financial health of Pertamina. The selection of Pertamina as the new operator would result in an increase in the firm`s contribution to the country`s oil and gas production. Its contribution to the country`s oil and gas production will increase from around 23 percent to 36 percent in 2018 and to 39 percent in 2019 when Pertamina takes over the operation of oil and gas blocks, the contracts of which are still held by foreign contractors.

Arcandra Tahar said the added value from the decision puts Pertamina in the ranks of world top oil companies that could control 60 percent of national oil and gas production in 2021. The Rokan Block has a strategic value. The block accounts for 26 percent of the country`s total oil and gas production. The block with a concession of 6,220 kilometers has 96 fields, three of which produce high quality oil Duri, Minas and Bekasap. From the start of operation in 1971 until 31 December 2017, the Rokan Block produced 11.5 billion barrels of oil. Through the decision, the government gives financial support for Pertamina, which is in charge of public service of guaranteeing energy supply in the country such as oil fuel (BBM) in the same price all over the archipelago. Next -->

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Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan inaugurated the 10.101 Household Connection (SR)

Written By pipeline-engineer.com on Saturday, April 27, 2019 | 11:40:00 PM

Minister Jonan Inaugurates 10.101 Jargas Houses

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan inaugurated the 10.101 Household Connection (SR) of the Natural Gas Distribution Network (Jargas) of the Mojokerto City and Mojokerto District from funding of the State Budget (APBN) Year 2017. Construction of jargas infrastructure in Mojokerto City is assigned to Perusahaan Gas Negara / PGN (Persero) while, PT Pertamina (Persero) gets mandate to build jargas in Mojokerto regency. "Jargas in Mojokerto and Mojokerto Mojokerto is built because it is adjacent to two significant gas wells operated by CNOOC Madura Limited and Kangean Energy Indonesia, totaling Rp 86 billion for jargas in the city and regency (Mojokerto)" said Jonan in the inauguration centered in the Office District Prajurit Kulon, Mojokerto City, Friday (9/2/2018).

Also present were PGN President Director Triananda Hasjim, Pertamina Gas Director Yenni Andayani, Mojokerto Mayor Masud Yunus and Deputy Regent of Mojokerto Regency Pungkasiadi. Jonan said the development of this jargas is a program implemented according to the direction of President Joko Widodo for equity, prioritizing the existing resources for the prosperity of the people according to the spirit of energy security. "The government seeks to ensure that all natural resources owned by this nation and state can be used as much as possible for the people's prosperity, one of the programs is jargas in the region or in the settlements or in areas where gas or gas source is available," said Jonan. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources convey, with jargas it will reduce dependence on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which some still imported. "A year of our needs is 6.5 million tons, 4.5 million of which is still imported, although our natural gas production is 1.2 million barrel oil equivalent per day, the type produced is not C3 and C4 that can be made LPG," he explained Next-->
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