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Grissik-PUSRI Open Access Transmission Pipeline Finally in Operation

Written By pipeline-engineer.com on Sunday, April 28, 2019 | 3:05:00 AM

Grissik-PUSRI Open Access Transmission Pipeline Finally in Operation.

      Operator opening the valve to start flowing the gas from grissik to pusri

The Grissik-PUSRI pipeline project was US$ 143 million value. Finnally In Operation After the project's inauguration, the amount of distributed gas will increase from 70 MMSCFD in 2018 to 160 MMSCFD

Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan has inaugurated the Grissik-PUSRI transmission open access transmission pipeline and Gas Network projects in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Mr Jonan said these two projects would increase the added value of gas products in Indonesia. "Natural gas is prioritised for domestic [use] to increase the domestic added value," said Mr Jonan in an official statement, Sunday (31/3).
Mr Jonan added that the two gas projects will support industrial needs such as fertiliser producers and power plants. "It will also support power plants in South Sumatra and local economic areas," he said.next-->