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Refinery Unit Owned By Pertamina Caught in Fire after Pipeline Repair

Written By pipeline-engineer.com on Thursday, August 15, 2019 | 6:30:00 PM

Balikpapan, Indonesia  (Pipeline-Engineer.com) A fire broke out in one of the pipes in the RU V Balikpapan refinery area, East Kalimantan, Thursday morning (8/15). Sparks were suspected to have arisen at around 9.30 WITA when the pipeline was repaired.

Fire fighting has been successfully carried out by Pertamina RU V using foam and water media, by deploying 4 units of fire trucks and 1 unit of trailer foam. According to the Manager of Region Communication Relations and CSR Pertamina MOR VI Kalimantan, Heppy Wulansari, the location of the fire has been localized and the main fire lane successfully extinguished.

Until the outage is complete there is no evacuation of workers and the blackout can be handled by the Pertamina team. "The cause of the fire is still awaiting the results of an investigation by Pertamina's internal team," he said.